10th Annual IGSS Conference • October 3-4, 2019

Integrating Genetics and the Social Sciences 2019

Papers and Presentations

Keynote: Beyond ancestry: the many factors influencing the portability of polygenic scores
Molly Przeworski

StatGen Workshop
Benjamin Neale

Heritable Environments: Methodological Considerations for Gene-Environment Models
Evelina Akimova

Mental Health, Schooling Attainment and Polygenic Scores: Are There Significant Gene-Environment Associations?
Vikesh Amin

Prenatal Environment Mediates the Association Between Maternal Genetics and Child Development
Emma Armstrong-Carter

Using the Genetic Architecture of Externalizing Disorders and Behaviors to Aid in Gene Identification
Peter Barr

Investigating Peer Influence Using Social/Indirect Genetic Effects
Amelie Baud

Height, human capital, and economic outcomes
Jonathan Beauchamp

The Changing Characteristics of the Population that Does Not Graduate from High School
David Braudt

Genetic Heterogeneities in Response to Trauma: The Case of 911
Shiro Furuya

Social Disadvantage, Gene Expression and Depressive Symptoms in a Sample of African American from the Minority Health GRID
Amadou Gaye

Precision Medicine and Black-White Health Disparities
Rebecca Johnson

Lifecourse Social Integration and its Consequences for Gene Expression
Brandt Levitt

Investigating Genetic Confounding of the Education-Health Relationship
Adam Lilly

Testing gene-environment interactions without measuring the environment
Miao Jiacheng

The Effect of Education on Cultural and Leisure Consumption Over the Life Course
Stine Møllegard

Demonstrating the Predictability of Involvement with the Justice System using Genome-wide Polygenic Scores in Three Cohorts
Ryan Motz

Environmental Moderators of Genetic Risk for Depression among Older US Adults: Evidence from the Wisconsin Longitudinal Study
Jinyuan Qi

Cognition in Context: Pathways and Compound Risk
Jennifer Robinette

Examining sex differences in pleiotropic effects for depression and smoking using polygenic and gene-region aggregation techniques
Lauren Schmitz

A New Genome-Wide Association Study of Antisocial Behavior:Expanding the BroadABC
Peter Tanksley

Unpacking the Genetics of Birth Weight: Evidence from a Genotyped Panel of Mothers and Children
Sam Trejo

Gene-by-father's income interactions shape educational attainment
Sjoerd van Alten

Diabetes and Cognitive Decline: The Role of Social and Genetic Factors
Justin Vinneau