Papers and Presentations

Using SNPs to estimate heritability among 'unrelated' individuals
Matthew Keller

Using Genomic Structural Equation Modeling to Model Joint Genetic Architecture of Complex Traits
Elliot M. Tucker-Drob and Andrew Grotzinger


GxE Interaction in Depression: Late-Career Unemployment, Recessions, and Gender Differences
Evelina Akimova

Genome-wide association study reveals sex-specific genetic architecture of facial attractiveness
Bowen Hu, Ning Shen, James J. Li, Hyunseung Kang, Jinkuk Hong, Jason Fletcher, Jan Greenberg, Marsha R. Mailick, Qiongshi Lu

Does Genotype Moderate the Effect of Education on SES?
Silvia Helena Barcellos, Leandro Carvalho, Patrick Turley

Polygenic Influences on Alcohol Misuse are Moderated by Romantic Relationships, but Only in Men
Peter B. Barr, Sally I-Chun Kuo, Jessica E. Salvatore, Fazil Aliev, Antti Latvala, Richard Viken, Richard J. Rose, Jaakko Kaprio, Danielle M. Dick

Genetics and the Geography of Health, Behavior, and Attainment
DW Belsky, A Caspi, L Arseneault, DL Corcoran, BW Domingue, K Mullan Harris, RM Houts, JS Mill, TE Moffitt, K Sugden, J Wertz, B Williams, C Odgers

vPGS: A better way to do GxE?
Rebecca Johnson, Ramina Sotoudeh, Dalton Conley

Adolescent Academic Achievement and Accelerated Aging
Lauren Gaydosh, Colter Mitchell, Lisa Schneper, Daniel Notterman, Sara McLanahan

Depressive Symptoms and Environmental Toxicants
Allyson M. Gregoire, Vy Nguyen, Justin A. Colacino, Kelly M. Bakulski, Erin B. Ware

Common Genetic Influences on Impulsivity Facets Relate to Goal Management, Psychopathology, and Personality
Daniel Gustavson, Carol Franz, William Kremen, Robin Corley, John Hewitt, Naomi Friedman

Does Genetic Selection Help Explain Differences in Health Across Occupations?
Amal Harrati and Lauren Schmitz

A Framework for Learning g × e from Data and Application to Household Stress
Rebecca Johnson, Lisa Schneper, Sara McLanahan, Dalton Conley, Daniel Notterman

Educational Consequences of Early Crime and Punishment: Testing A Genetically Informed Life-course Model Using the Add Health Data
Hexuan Liu, Ryan Motz, Peter Tanksley, J.C. Barnes, Kathleen Mullan Harris

Partners in Health?
Jornt Mandemakers

A Socio-genomic Analysis of the Intergenerational Transmission of Educational Attainment
Ryan T. Motz, J.C. Barnes, Peter Tanksley, Hexuan Liu

Identifying the Impact of U.S. State Work Relief Programs on Height using a Polygenic Score
David H. Rehkopf, Sepideh Modrek, Benjamin Domingue, Amal Harrati, Mark Cullen

A polygenic score for age-at-first-birth predicts self-regulation
Leah S. Richmond-Rakerd, Terrie E. Moffitt, Daniel W. Belsky, Jasmin Wertz, Avshalom Caspi

Differential vulnerability to neighborhood disorder: A gene x environment interaction study
Jennifer W. Robinette, Jason D. Boardman, Eileen M. Crimmins

The Influence of Early-life Shocks and Genetic Diversity on Long-term Economic Outcomes: Evidence from the Great Depression
Valentina Duque and Lauren Schmitz

Are Polygenic Scores for Economic Deprivation Associated with Wealth Accumulation?
Kamil Sicinski, Lauren Schmitz, Orgul Ozturk, Jeremy Freese, Pamela Herd

An investigation into the DNA methylation patterns of risk and time preference in older individuals
LJ Smyth, SM Cruise, I Young, B McGuinness, J Tang, F Kee, AJ McKnight

Incarceration Risk, Genetic Inheritance, and Depression Over the Life-Course
Hexuan Liu, Peter Tanksley, Ryan Motz, J.C. Barnes

Assortative Mating in the U.K. Through 20th Century
Patrick Turley, Ruoxi Li, Miles Kimball