9th Annual IGSS Conference

October 11-12, 2018

Keynote Speaker: Shripad Tuljapurkar (Tulja)

Professor of Biology and the Dean and Virginia Morrison Professor of Population Studies, Stanford University

Tulja directs demographic programs at Stanford's Center for the Demography, Economics and Health of Aging, and the Stanford Center for Population Research in the Institute for Research in the Social Sciences. He is also an affiliated faculty member with the Morrison Institute for Population and Resource Studies, the Woods Institute for the Environment, and the Interdisciplinary Program on Environment and Resources. He is an expert on Evolutionary Ecology and Genetics, Human Demographic Change and Contemporary Societies, Prehistory and Human Evolution, and the Biodemography of Lifespan.

Statistical Genetics Workshop: Using genome-wide data to estimate heritability and genetic architecture of traits.

Presenter: Matt Keller, Associate Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience and fellow at the Institute for Behavioral Genetics, University of Colorado

Professor Keller is an expert in cutting edge methods that utilize measured single nucleotide polymorphism as well as sequencing data to gain insight into the genetic architecture of psychiatric disorders in particular and simulating genetically informative designs that better enable us to understand the causes of human differences in general. His overall research agenda is dedicated to building bridges between behavioral, evolutionary, and statistical genetics to elucidate the genetic underpinnings of psychiatric disorders and individual differences. His talk will review the established and latest methods that use SNPs to estimate heritability. He will compare these approaches and the behavior of the estimates across various methods, data sources, and potential confounding influences.

Important Announcements

Stanford hiring Postdoc in Sociogenomics (PDF)

Initiative on Social Genomics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison to hire three new tenure track faculty (PDF)