CUPC Day 2021

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CUPC Day Schedule

Welcome to CUPC “Research Blitz” 2021!

Environmental Demography PRA (Primary Research Area)

9:15-9:20         Stefan Leyk (Geography), PRA Introduction

9:20-9:25         Scott Ortman (Anthropology) “The Role of Archaeology for Climate Change Adaptation”

9:25-9:30         Catherine Talbot (Sociology) “Tiny Towns, Demographics and the Environment”

Migration and Population Distribution PRA

9:35-9:40         Fernando Riosmena (Geography), PRA Introduction

9:40-9:45         Amanda Carrico (Environmental Studies) “Environmental Change and Migration in Bangladesh”

9:45-9:50         Andrea Velasquez (Economics – UCDenver) “Temperature Shocks, Labor Markets and Migratory Decisions in El Salvador”

Demography and Genetics PRA 

9:55-10:00       Jason Boardman (Sociology), PRA Introduction

10:00-10:05     Trent Davidson (Sociology) “Exploring Rural-Urban Differences in Polygenic Associations for Health Among Older Adults in the United States”

10:05-10:10     Justin Vinneau Palarino (Sociology) “Mortality and Obesity Among U.S. Older Adults: The Role of Polygenic Risk”

Health Disparities and Behaviors PRA

10:25-10:30     Tania Barham (Economics), PRA Introduction

10:30-10:35     Ryan Masters (Sociology) “2020 Loss of Life in the United States Was About More Than COVID-19”

10:35-10:40     Tania Barham: “Early Childhood Health and Family Planning: Long-Term and Intergenerational Effects on Human Capital” 

Reproductive Health PRA

10:45-10:50     Amanda Stevenson (Sociology), PRA Introduction

10:50-10:55     Leslie Root (Postdoc RA) “Evaluating the life course impacts of expanded access to contraception in Colorado”

10:55-11:00     Kate Coleman-Minahan (Nursing – UCDenver) “Policy and clinical contexts of abortion access”

11:00-11:05     Short Q&A

Rocky Mountain Research Data Center

11:05-11:30     Philip Pendergast (RA) / Jani Little (Exec. Director RMRDC) “The Rocky Mountain RDC: Restricted Data Access for CUPC Research”

11:30-11:35     Stefan Leyk, Concluding Remarks