CU Population Center

Institute of Behavioral Science

Funding Acknowledgement and Publication Compliance

CUPC is supported, in part, by the National Institute for Child Health and Human Development’s Population Dynamics Centers Research Infrastructure Program grant (“P2C”). It is critical that CUPC affiliates acknowledge the center grant support in research publications and presentations that have benefited in any way from CUPC. CUPC benefits include all the following: seed funding, research assistance, proposal submission or grant management support, office space, travel assistance, and the intellectual community fostered through the speaker series, working groups, and workshops. If your research has benefited from any of the above, please cite the NICHD center grant, P2CHD066613, and ensure publications are compliant with NIH’s public access policy. 

Funding acknowledgment

Suggested text:

This research was supported in part by an NICHD center grant to the CU Population Center (P2CHD066613).


The authors gratefully acknowledge the infrastructural services provided by the CU Population Center, which receives support from an NICHD center grant (P2CHD06613).

Publication Compliance:

Manuscripts published by CUPC affiliates must follow the NIH Public Access Policy. To comply, authors of peer-reviewed journal manuscripts that benefited from NIH funding should submit papers to PubMed Central upon their acceptance for publication. Through this system, articles will receive a PMCID showing they are compliant and ensuring public access to the publication in a timely fashion. 

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