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The Jane Menken Distinguished Lecture in Population Studies

Jane A. MenkenJane Menken is Distinguished Professor of Sociology, a former director of IBS, and a leading scholar in the development of mathematical models of reproduction. She has studied increases in sterility as women age, fertility determinants in Bangladesh, teenage pregnancy and childbearing in the U.S., and is currently a member of CUPC teams examining long-term effects of reproductive health interventions in Bangladesh, Honduras, and Colorado.Elected to the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) in 1989, she chaired the NAS Committee on Population (1998–2002) and the Working Group on Aging in Africa (2002–2006). She served as 1985 president of the Population Association of America, was recognized as the 2009 Laureate of the International Union on the Scientific Study of Population.

Past Events

Past Menken Lectures have been given by John Bongaarts (2014), David Lam (2015), Linda Waite (2016), Irma Elo (2017), Kathleen Harris (2019), Rubén Rumbaut (2020), and Deborah Balk (2023).