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Grant Recipients

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2023-2024 Grants

Kate Coleman-Minahan

The impact of sociopolitical events on immigrant young adults’ fertility preferences


Amanda Carrico

Health stress and infant health outcomes in Bangladesh


Jane Menken, Krister Andersson, and Alan Zarychta

Sustaining Improvements in Health Service Delivery and Health under Decentralization Reform: Current and Future Collaborative Research in Honduras


Guofeng Cao

Understanding Community Disaster Resilience with GeoAI and Big Geospatial Data


Patrick Krueger

Race/Ethnic and Education Disparities in the Types of Diets Consumed among U.S. Adults


Ryan Masters

Nudged Into an Early Grave: The Proliferation of American Lethal Environments and Increases in Adolescent and Young Adult Mortality in the United States


Amanda Stevenson

Countering pronatalism with rigorous demography and social science


Terry McCabe and John O’Loughlin

Dynamics of climate change impacts in Kenya: Extending a panel survey to multiple livelihood, population, migration, and ethnic contexts

$5,650 from CUPC and $5,000 from IBS

Christine Steeger

Understanding Disparities in Nicotine and Cannabis Vaping among Youth


Colleen Reid and Jessica Finlay

Toxic Homes? A mixed-methods study of Marshall Fire health impacts


Morteza Karimzadeh

Forecasting COVID-19 in the Presence of Inconsistent Reporting


Katie M. Combs

Understanding the Effects of Swiftly Changing Abortion Access: The voice of Texas social service providers