CU Population Center

Institute of Behavioral Science

Increased access to highly effective contraception: an opportunity dividend?

Principal Investigator: Amanda Jean Stevenson

Funder: NICHD (R01HD101480), William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, Society of Family Planning, University of Colorado Boulder

CUPC seed grant recipient

This project is part of the Colorado Fertility Project. The project will estimate the causal impact of access to contraception on educational and economic trajectories and on life course fertility. It will do so using a massive policy experiment, the Colorado Family Planning Initiative (CFPI), that dramatically expanded access to highly effective contraception in all federally funded Title X clinics in Colorado. Through a partnership with the U.S. Census Bureau, this project will construct an individual-level longitudinal dataset, Reproduction in People’s Lives (RIPL), recording women’s fertility and women’s and men’s economic and educational trajectories for nearly all reproductive-age U.S. residents 2007-2021. It will link restricted individual-level microdata for the entire United States from the 2010 Census, IRS tax filings, the Census Household Composition Key File, Medicaid Eligibility Records, and the 2007-2021 American Community Surveys (ACS).