CU Population Center

Institute of Behavioral Science

Inaugural workshop “Advancing social science research on abortion: demographic methods and perspectives” held with CUPC support

photo of abortion demography workshop participants

The three-day workshop included six training modules focused on introducing attendees to the social scientific study of abortion in the United States and how demographic methods can be applied to abortion research. In these modules, taught by Leslie RootAmanda Stevenson, and Jane Menken, participants were given hands-on experience as they learned how to apply these methods to research questions while also participating in small-group discussions about research practice and the broader ecosystem of sexual and reproductive health in the social sciences. The workshop also included talks by six leading abortion researchers. With the help of CUPC funding support, the diversity of its participants was able to increase by helping to offset the cost of travel for those coming from smaller and less well-funded departments of other universities, and for others with little institutional buy-in for training towards abortion and sexual and reproductive health. Thanks to Leslie, Amanda, and Tara Streng-Schroeter for organizing the workshop. We hope it is the first of many.