11th Annual IGSS Conference • September 24, 2020

Integrating Genetics and the Social Sciences 2020

Papers and Presentations

Keynote: The relationship between (genetic) demography, polygenic adaption and the evolution of complex traits: what have we learned from ancient DNA?
Iain Mathieson

Statistical Genetics Workshop: Disentangling genes and environment using genomic family data
Alexander Young. Note: video includes Closing Remarks.

Video: Welcome and Flash Presentations

Estimating the Causal Effects of Adult's Own Smoking Behavior on DNA Methylation Signatures
Robel Alemu

Genes, Pubs, and Drinks: Gene-environment interplay and alcohol licensing policy in the UK
Pietro Biroli

Religious Context and Genetic Influences on Adolescent Drinking
Joseph Clark

Clarifying the role of maternal childhood trauma on offspring behavioral outcomes: A systematic review of genetic and environmental contributions to trans-generational associations
A. Constantino-Pettit

Parental Social Class, Genetic Predisposition for Schooling and Luck: a Cohort Analysis of Equality of Opportunity in Education
Rita Dias Pereira

Misfit between Social Time and Circadian Rhythm
Shiro Furuya

The Impact of Late-Career Job Loss and Genotype on Changes in Body Mass Index
Julia Goodwin

Are Immigrants Positively Selected on Genetic Predisposition to Better Health? Evidence for Height, BMI and Smoking from the Health and Retirement Study
Zoya Gubernskaya

Genetic Fortune: Winning or Losing Education, Income, and Health
Philipp Koellinger

RDoC Mechanisms of Transdiagnostic Polygenic Risk for Trajectories of Depression: From Early Adolescence to Adulthood
James Li

Women, Genes, and STEM: The Effects of Biology and Gendered Environments on High School Course-Taking
Meng-Jung Lin

Timing of Incarceration, Genetic Susceptibility, and Depression
Hexuan Liu

Local genetic correlation analysis reveals heterogeneous etiologic sharing of complex traits
Qiongshi Lu

Maternal depression and child human capital: A genetic instrumental-variable approach
Giorgia Menta

The dynamic complementarity of skill production: The interaction between genetic endowments and birth order
Dilnoza Muslimova

Psychosocial experiences modulate asthma-associated genes through gene-environment interactions
Justyna Resztak

Using Functionally Annotated Polygenic Scores to Explore the Impact of Gene-Environment Interactions on Smoking Behavior
Lauren Schmitz

Aging out: biological age and its role in the criminal career
Peter Tanksley

Unpacking social genetic effects in adolescence and young adulthood
Sam Trejo

Estimating genetic nurture using genome-wide association study summary statistics
Yuchang Wu

Bald is Beautiful? Life course outcomes for individuals at high genetic risk for male pattern baldness
Yuexuan Xu

Association between education attainment and risk preference
Dongyue Ying

Fine-tuning Polygenic Risk Scores with GWAS Summary Statistics
Zijie Zhao

Causal Effects of Fertility on Life Course Outcomes: Evidence from an Innovative Genetic Instrumental Variable Approach
Boyan Zheng

Genetics Meets Population Science: Understanding the Importance of Response Rates in Genetic Discovery and Prediction in the UK Biobank
Xiaoyuan Zhong