Conference Schedule

Thursday, October 11, 2018

9:00-12:00Statistical Genetics Workshop
Matt KellerUsing genome-wide data to estimate heritability and genetic architecture of traits
1:00-3:00 Session 1: Gene-Environment Interactions
Qiongshi LuGenome-wide association study reveals sex-specific genetic architecture of facial attractiveness
Silvia BarcellosDoes Genotype Moderate the Effect of Education on SES?
Rebecca JohnsonA Framework for Learning GxE and Application to Household Stress
David RehkopfIdentifying the impact of U.S. state work relief programs on height by using a polygenic risk score
Peter BarrYoung Adult Roles and Polygenic Risk for Alcohol Misuse: Evidence of Gene-Environment Interaction
Evelina AkimovaUnemployment, Recessions, and Genetic Ground for Depression
Jennifer RobinetteDifferential vulnerability to neighborhood disorder: A gene x environment interaction study
3:15:5:15Session 2: Genetics and Education, SES, and Wealth Phenotypes
Lauren SchmitzThe Influence of Early-life Economic Shocks and Genetic Diversity on Long-term Economic Outcomes
James LeeBrain size is causally related to intelligence
Dean LillardUnderstanding the Correlation between Alzheimer's Disease Polygenic Risk, Wealth, and the Composition of Wealth Holdings
Xuejie DingA lifecourse approach to genetic endowment and cognitive decline
Kamil SicinskiGenetics of Wealth Accumulation
Ryan MotzA Sociogenomic Analysis of the Intergenerational Transmission of Educational Attainment
Stine MollegaardThe genetics of education and the role of cognitive and non-cognitive skills
David BraudtWho Makes the Grade? A Gene-Environment Analysis of the Mechanisms of Educational Attainment in the 21st Century
5:30-6:30Keynote Address
Shripad TuljapurkarEvolution and the Demography of Genotypes and Phenotypes

Friday October 12, 2018

9:00-10:00GenomicSEM Presentation
Elliot M. Tucker-Drob
and Andrew Grotzinger
Using Genomic Structural Equation Modeling to Model Joint Genetic Architecture of Complex Traits
10:15-12:15Session 3: Methods and new uses of genomic data
Erin WareInvestigating array effects in polygenic score creation for use in the social sciences
Jessica FaulFrom GWAS to Pathway Enrichment: Exploring Gene Ontology as a Tool to Create Biologically-Informed Genetic Scores for Trans-Ethnic Analyses
Ruoxi LiAssortative Mating in the U.K. through the 20th Century
Dalton ConleyvPGS: A better way to do GxE?
Sam TrejoGenetic Nature vs. Genetic Nurture: Quantifying Bias in Within Family Analyses Using Polygenic Scores
Kelly BakulskiDNA methylation linking exposures and disease: The cell type and tissue issue
Riley TaijiDo Owls Work at Night? Exploring the Causal Link Between Chronotype and Work Schedule Timing Using Genetic Data
1:15-3:15Session 4: rGE and Epigenetics
Lindsay Fernandez-RhodesSocioeconomic Adversity, Methylation and Obesity in the Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities Study
Lauren GaydoshAdolescent Striving and Epigenetic Age
Hexuan LiuEducational Consequences of Early Crime and Punishment: Testing A Genetically Informed Life-course Model Using the Add Health Data
John DouCreating and applying DNA methylation summary measures for Illumina arrays: an example of prenatal multivitamin use and genetics on newborn cord blood DNA methylation
Daniel BelskyGenetics & the Geography of Health, Behavior, and Attainment
Jasmin WertzGenetics of nurture: A test of the hypothesis that parents' genetics predict their observed caregiving
Amal HarratiUnderstanding the Occupational Health Gradient Through the Lens Of Genetics
Jornt MandemakersPartners in health? Investigating social genetic effects and social influence among partners.
Laura SmythAn investigation into the DNA methylation patterns of risk and time preference in older individuals
3:30-5:30Session 5: Personality, Cognition, and Mental Health
Colter MitchellApplication of Late Life Cognition Gene Region, Polygenic, and Epigenetic Scores to Early Life Cognitive Development
Harita VadariEarly life head injury and genetic contributions to adolescent cognitive development and later life cognition
Jonathan BeauchampGWAS of risk tolerance and risky behaviors in over one million individuals identify hundreds of loci and reveal shared genetic influences
Guang GuoThe Social and Genomic Roots of Verbal Ability
Allyson GregoireApplying genome-wide association study methodology to environmental toxicants and depressive phenotypes
Leah Richmond-RakerdA polygenic score for age at first birth predicts self-regulation in two birth cohorts
Daniel GustavsonCommon and Unique Sources of Genetic/Environmental Influences on Impulsivity and their Relations with Goal Management, Psychopathology, and Personality
Peter TanksleyIncarceration Risk, Genetic Inheritance, And Depression Over The Life Course