12th Annual IGSS Conference • October 28-29, 2021

Integrating Genetics and the Social Sciences 2021

Papers and Presentations

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Keynote: Why the social sciences and genetics need each other
Melinda Mills

Statistical Genetics Workshop: DNA methylation analysis using the Illumina MethylationEPIC arrays
Allison Kupsco, Haotian ("Howie") Wu

Changing polygenic penetrance on depression among adults in the United Kingdom
Evelina Akimova

Associations between body mass index and telomere length at older ages: Evidence from polygenic risk scores, Mendelian randomization and within-twin designs
Vikesh Amin

Kin-based institutions and economic development
Jonathan Beauchamp

Quantification of the pace of biological aging in humans through a blood test: the DunedinPACE DNA methylation algorithm
Daniel Belsky

Genes, Pubs, and Drinks: Gene-environment interplay and alcohol licensing policy in the United Kingdom.
Pietro Biroli

Health Insurance, Immigration Status and Genomics: Polygenic Risk Score Interactions for Body Mass Index in the Diverse Hispanic Community Health Study/Study of Latinos (HCHS/SOL)
Hassan Bokhari

How do schools and residential areas interact with genetic factors to shape educational achievement?
Rosa Cheesman

Assessing the Biological Mechanisms between Smoking Behavior and Alzheimer's Disease: Evidence from Metabolomic and Epigenomic Data
Jerome Choi

Using Genomic Structural Equation Modeling to test the validity of latent factor models
Margaret Clapp

An Unrevealed Collateral Consequence: The Suppressing Effect of Paternal Incarceration on Children's Genetic Potential for Educational Attainment
Breanna Clark

Genes, Maternal Education, and Inequalities in Human Capital: Evidence from a British Cohort
Gabriella Conti

Genes and equality of opportunity in an egalitarian context
Jani Erola

Social Mobility and the Genome: Testing a Unified Stratification Theory
Brian Finch

Epigenome Wide Associations of Smoking Behavior in the Health and Retirement Study
Jonah Fisher

The Big (Genetic) Sort? Reassessing Migration Patterns and Their Genetic Imprint in the UK
Shiro Furuya

Sources of Inequality at Birth: the Interplay Between Genes and Parental Socioeconomic Status
Titus Galama

Multiple components of socioeconomic status measured in older adulthood and childhood differentially associated with DNA methylation.
Nicole Gladish

The Impact of the High School Movement on Epigenetic Aging
Julia Goodwin

Evaluating the impacts of social mobility on biological aging among older adults in the United States
Gloria Huei-Jong Graf

Interaction Between Neighborhood Crime and Polygenic Score on Type 2 Diabetes
Fangqi Guo

Human Capital Drives Natural Selection in Contemporary Humans
David Hugh-Jones

First results from a multivariate GWAS on different measures of income among ~756,000 individuals
Hyeokmoon Kweon

Get Married and Be a Scientist? The Effects of Biology and Gendered Marriage Expectation on Having a STEM Job
Meng-Jung Lin

Estimating social genetic effects on Alzheimer's disease
Qiongshi Lu

Triangulating genetic methods to uncover the contribution of cognitive and noncognitive skills to academic achievement throughout the school years
Margherita Malanchini

Cumulative Environmental Exposures (Social*Environment) and Accelerated Biological Aging
Kristen Malecki

Understanding Sibling Correlations in Education: Molecular Genetics and Family Background
Bhash Mazumder

Association of GrimAge DNA methylation components and 2-year mortality in the Health and Retirement Study
Helen Meier

Associations of peripheral blood DNA methylation and estimated monocyte proportion differences during infancy with toddler attachment style
Sarah Merrill

A quantile integral linear model to quantify genetic effects on phenotypic variability
Jiacheng Miao

Life-course victimization and CRP related DNA methylation among LGB adults
Aura Ankita Mishra

The Power of the Pill: Evidence from Gene-environment Interactions in the UK Biobank.
Dilnoza Muslimova

Can DNA methylation clocks function as a surrogate endpoint for the most important risk factors for mortality?
David Rehkopf

The Nurture of Nature and the Nature of Nurture: How Genes and Investments Interact in the Formation of Skills
Victor Ronda

Direct and Indirect Polygenic Scores for Externalizing and Trajectories of Antisocial Behavior
Brooke Sasia

In Utero Exposures and Epigenetic Aging Signatures: Evidence from the U.S. Great Depression
Lauren Schmitz

The Practical Utility of Genetic Screening in School Settings
Jeffrey Shero

Estimating genetic correlation of direct and indirect effect using UK Biobank sibling data
Jie Song

Evidence of Accelerated Aging Among Americans with a History of Incarceration
Peter Tanksley

The Effects of Education on Cognition in Older Age: Evidence from Genotyped Siblings
Michael Topping

Consequences of natural and mortality selection for genetic discovery in the UKBiobank
Felix Tropf

The Effect of Education on the Relationship between Genetics, Early-Life Disadvantages, and Later-Life SES
Patrick Turley

Horizontal Educational Stratification through a Genetic Lens: Effects of Social Background and Genetic Endowment on College Selectivity and Wages
Fumiya Uchikoshi

The effects of demographic-based selection bias on GWAS results in the UK Biobank
Sjoerd van Alten

Cognitive trajectory divergence by genetic risk in the Wisconsin Registry for Alzheimer's Prevention
Eva Vasiljevic

The Genetics of Occupational Status
Tobias Wolfram

GWAS on Birth Year Infant Mortality Rates Provides New Evidence of Recent Natural Selection
Yuchang Wu

Effect of Pathway-specific Polygenic Risk Scores for Alzheimer's Disease on Rate of Change in Cognitive Function and AD-related Biomarkers among Asymptomatic Individuals
Yuexuan Xu

Evaluating collective associations of many pairs of interacting genetic and non-genetic factors with Alzheimer's disease: Insights for studying mechanisms of multifactorial regulation of complex traits
Anatoliy Yashin

Using Education and Genetic Information to Explore Stability of Risk Preference
Dongyue Ying

Long Term Impacts of Life Family Instability on Adulthood Depression: The Role of Genetic Sensitivity and Time
Boyan Zheng