14th Annual IGSS Conference • October 20-21, 2023

Integrating Genetics and the Social Sciences 2023

Papers and Presentations

David B. Braudt Presentation (PDF)

NIA's Division of Behavioral and Social Research (BSR) research priorities

Keynote: The American Pursuit of Intelligence Genes, 1916–2022

Emily R. Klancher Merchant, PhD

Statistical Genetics Workshop: Frontiers of PGS Construction, Optimization, and Use in the Social Sciences

Qiongshi Lu, PhD

Presentation Slides

Using fine-grained population based grid data to assess genetic self selection into residential neighborhoods across the lifespan
Rafael Ahlskog

Early-Life Determinants of Cognitive Decline and Dementia: The Role of Genetics and Education
Silvia Helena Barcellos

Beyond Barker: Infant Mortality at Birth and Ischaemic Heart Disease in Older Age
Pietro Biroli

Uncovering the multivariate genetic architecture of frailty using genomic structural equation modelling
Isabelle F. Foote

Correcting for volunteer bias in GWAS uncovers novel genetic variants and increases heritability estimates
Titus Galama

Epigenetic aging as a mediator of racial and ethnic inequalities in mortality: results from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, 1999-2002 mortality follow up study
Nicole Gladish

Socioepigenomics of Cellular Immunosenescence in Adulthood: The Add Health Study
Jennifer Momkus

The genetics of political participation: Leveraging polygenic indices to advance political behavior research
Sven Oskarsson

Life's two lotteries: modeling the effects of genes and environments in human capital formation
Marina Aguiar Palma