Pre-course Materials

Michael Stallings Readings (pdfs)

Rhee, Soo Hyun, et al. 2003. "Genetic and Environmental Influences on Substance Initiation, Use, and Problem Use In Adolescents"
Young, Susan E., et al. 2006. "Genetic and Environmental Vulnerabilities Underlying Adolescent Substance Use and Problem Use: General or Specific?"
Button, Tanya M.M., et al. 2006. "The Role of Conduct Disorder in Explaining the Comorbidity between Alcohol and Illicit Drug Depencence in Adolescence"

Michael Stallings Software and Data

Please download the Mx software and scripts prior to class:
Download the Mx software
Mx script "univar1"
Mx script "univar2"
Mx script "young and old"

Eileen Crimmins Readings (pdfs)

"Recent Changes in Cardiovascular Risk Factors Among Women and Men," 2006, Jung Ki Kim, Dawn Alley, Teresa Seeman, Arun Karlamangla, and Eileen Crimmins, Journal of Women's Health, 15, 734-740.
"Infection, Inflammation, Height, and Longevity," 2006, E.M. Crimmins and C.E. Finch, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Vol. 103, pp. 498-503.
"Socioeconomic status and C-reactive protein levels in the U.S. Population: NHANES IV," 2006, Dawn Alley, Teresa E. Seeman, Jung Ki Kim, Arun Karlamangla, Peifeng Hu, Eileen M. Crimmins, Brain, Behavior, and Immunity, 20, 498-504.
"The association between serum beta-carotene levels and decline of cognitive function in high-functioning older persons with or without apolipoprotein E 4 Alleles: MacArthur Studies of Successful Aging," 2006, P. Hu, P. Bretsky, E.M. Crimmins, J.M. Guralnik, D.B. Reuben, and T.E. Seeman, Journal of Gerontology: Medical Sciences, Vol. 61, pp. 616-620.
"Age Differences in Allostatic Load: An Index of Frailty," 2006, E. M. Crimmins, M. Johnston, M. Hayward, T. Seeman, in Zeng Yi et al., Longer Life and Healthy Aging, Springer; Dordrecht, Netherlands, pp. 111-126.
"Changes in Biological Markers of Health: Older Americans in the 1990s," 2005, E. Crimmins, D. Alley, S. Reynolds, M. Johnston, A. Karlamangla, T. Seeman, Journal of Gerontology: Medical Sciences, Vol. 60, pp. 1409-1413.
"Education and APOE4 in Longitudinal Cognitive Decline: MacArthur Studies of Successful Aging," 2005, T. Seeman, M. Huang, P. Bretsky, E. Crimmins, L. Launer, and J. Guralnik, Journal of Gerontology: Psychological Science, Vol. 60, pp.74-83.
"Integrating Biology into the Study of Health Disparities," 2004, Eileen Crimmins and T. Seeman, Population and Development Review, Vol. 30, pp. 89-107.
"Cumulative biological risk and socio-economic differences in mortality: MacArthur studies of successful aging," 2004, T. Seeman, E. Crimmins, B. Singer, A. Bucur, M-H Hwang, T. Gruenwald, L.F. Berkman, and D.B. Reuben, Social Science and Medicine, Vol. 58, pp. 1965 - 1997.
"Social Environment Effects on Health and Aging: Integrating Epidemiological and Demographic Approaches and Perspectives," 2001, Teresa Seeman and Eileen Crimmins, in M. Weinstein, A. Hermalin, and M. Stoto (Eds.). Population Health and Aging: Strengthening the Dialogue Between Demography and Epidemiology. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, Vol. 954, pp. 88-117.
"Response to Comment on "Inflammatory Exposure and Historical Changes in Human Life Spans", 2005, C.E. Finch and E. Crimmins, Science, 308, p. 1743b.
"Inflammatory Exposure and Historical Changes in Human Life-Spans," 2004, C. Finch and E. Crimmins, Science, Vol. 305, pp. 1736-1739.

Noreen Goldman Readings

Reading List (pdf)

Tom Johnson and Deqing Wu Readings (pdfs)

Johnson, Thomas E., et al. 2001. "Age-Specific Demographic Profiles of Longevity Mutants in Caenorhabditis elegans Show Segmental Effects"
Rea, Shane L., et al. 2005. "A Stress-Sensitive Reporter Predicts Longevity in Isogenic Populations of Caenorhabditis elegans"
Wu, Deqing, et al. 2006. "Visualizing Hidden Heterogeneity in Isogenic Populations of C. elegans"

Tom Johnson and Deqing Wu References

Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research
Population, Policy, and Aging Research Center (PPARC)

Matt McQueen Readings (pdfs)

Laird, Nan M. and Christoph Lange. 2006. "Family-based Designs in the Age of Large-scale Gene-associated Studies"
Balding, David J. 2006. "A Tutorial on Statistical Methods for Population Association Studies"
"Genetic Epidemiology 1"
"Genetic Epidemiology 2"
"Genetic Epidemiology 3"
"Genetic Epidemiology 4"
"Genetic Epidemiology 5"
"Genetic Epidemiology 6"
"Genetic Epidemiology 7"

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