Previous Development Grants - CU Population Center

Previous Development Grants

2012-2013 Pilot Projects

  • Francisca Antman, "Incentives to Identify: Ethnic Identification and Affirmative Action in College Admissions"
  • JD Daw, "Demographic Investigations of Kinship Patterns in Cause of Death, Household Integration, and Kinship Dynamics of College Selectivity"
  • Lori Hunter, "A Meta-Analysis of the Demographic Scholarship on Migration-Environment Linkages"
  • Stef Mollborn, "The Formation and Consequences of Children's Health Lifestyles"
  • Fernando Riosmena, "The Role of 'Barrio' Effects on Foreign-Born Hispanic Health"
  • Seth Spielman, "Improving the Neighborhood-Scale Demographic Estimates"
  • Lori Hunter, Supplemental funding for Fall 2013 workshop on "Climate Change, Migration and Health"

2011-2012 Pilot Projects

  • Fernando Riosmena, Geography, "Local Climatic Variability, Local Economic Conditions, and U.S.-Bound Migration from Rural Mexico across the Family Life Cycle."
  • Elisabeth Root, Geography, "Temporal Dimensions of Neighborhood Effects on Childhood Health and Well- Being."
  • Jill Williams, Institute of Behavioral Science, "HIV and the Sexual Behavior of Older Adults in Rural South Africa."

2011-2012 Rapid Response Proposals

  • Mara Goldman, Geography, "Vulnerability and Adaptation to Drought: New Trends and Emerging Patterns among East African Pastoralists."
  • Stefanie Mollborn, Sociology, "Resource Changes and Early Childhood Health and Development."
  • Fred Pampel, Sociology, "Cohort Change, Diffusion, and Sexual Attitudes."
  • Isaac Reed, Sociology, "Historical Demography and Imperial Instability."

2010-2011 Pilot Projects

  • J. Terrence McCabe, Anthropology, "Livelihood diversification, migration and land use among Maasai pastoralists of Tanzania"
  • Tim Wadsworth, Sociology, "The Influence of Context on Subjective Well-Being
  • Fred Pampel, Sociology, "Widening Disparities in Tobacco Use over the Early Life Course"
  • Jill Williams, IBS African Population Studies Program, "Temporary Female Labor Migration and HIV/AIDS in Rural South Africa"
  • Liam Downey, Sociology, Industrial Air Pollutants, Environmental Inequality, and Racial Disparities in Health

2010-2011 Rapid Response Proposals

  • Jason Boardman, Sociology, "Social Demography of Trauma and Head Injury"
  • Stefanie Mollborn, Sociology, "Examining Change in Health Measures and Pregnancy Intentions Using Add Health's Repeated Fertility History Data"
  • Fernando Riosmena, Geography, Trends in Origin-Destination Flows in Mexico - US Migration"
  • Tania Barham, Economics, Thirty-Five Years Later: Evaluating Effects of a Quasi-Random Child Health and Family Planning Program in Bangladesh on Cognitive Functioning"
  • Lori Hunter, Sociology, "The Environmental Dimensions of International Migration from Rural Mexico: Supplementing ongoing quantitative modeling with qualitative interviews"
  • Mara Goldman, Geography, "Vulnerability and Adaptation to Drought: new trends and emerging patters among East African Pastoralists
  • Elisabeth Root, Geography, "Socioeconomic conditions, vaccination rates and the decline of cholera in Matlab, Bangladesh, 1983-2007"
  • Jason Boardman, Sociology, "Genome Wide Analysis for BMI"


  • Jason Boardman, Sociology, "The integration of genome-wide data into social demographic research"
  • Stefanie Mollborn, Sociology, "Transition to School Among Children of Teen Parents"
  • Sanyu Mojola, Sociology, "Understanding Role of Transitions to Adulthood in shaping HIV risk among African Americans"
  • Lori Hunter, Sociology, "The Reciprocality of Social and Environmental Well-Being: Reforestation in Rural Kenya"
  • Fernando Riosmena, Geography, "International Migration and the Informal Economy in Latin America"


  • Francisca Antman, Economics, "How Does Adult Child Migration Affect Elderly Health? Evidence from Mexico"
  • Jason Boardman, Sociology, "Gene environment interplay in the development of antisocial behavior"
  • Tim Wadsworth and Fred Pampel, Sociology, "Individual and Contextual Factors Contributing to Suicide Mortality"
  • Andrei Rogers, Geography, "The Indirect Estimation of Migration"
  • Daniel Sahleyesus, IBS African Population Studies Program, "Monitoring cause of death using hospital records in Addis Ababa"


  • Paula Fomby, Sociology, UCDHSC, and Stefanie Mollborn, Sociology, "Explaining Racial and Ethnic Differences in the Effect of Family Instability on Adolescents' Behavior"
  • John Hewitt, Psychology and Institute for Behavioral Genetics, and Zygmunt Frajzyngier, Linguistics, "Northern Cameroon Language and Genetics Project"
  • David Leblang, Political Science, "Social Networks and International Immigration 1960-2004" Ying Lu, Political Science and Sociology, "De-convolution Methods with an Application in Verbal Autopsy"
  • Georges Reniers, Population Program, "Partner Selection in Times of HIV/AIDS in Rural South Africa"
  • Fernando Riosmena, Geography, "Evaluating the SES Health Gradients of Mexicans, Migration Selection and Acculturation Hypotheses Using Clinically-Reported Measures"


  • Jason Boardman, Sociology, "Psychological Resiliency as a Heritable Characteristic"
  • Jill Williams, Sociology and Population Program, "Temporary Female Labor Migration and Household Survival Strategies in Rural South Africa"
  • Jani Little, Computing and Research Services, IBS, "GIS and Contextual Data: An Archive for Population Research"


  • Tania Barham and A. Mushfiq Mobarak, Economics, "Social and Economic Impacts of Electricity Provision: Evidence from the Quasi-Random Placement of Hydroelectric Plants in Brazil"
  • Liam Downey, Sociology, "Examining the Determinants of Urban Environmental Inequality in Multiple Metropolitan Areas"
  • Fred Pampel, Sociology, "Socioeconomic Differentiation and Cigarette Use: Changes from Youth to Adulthood"
  • Randy Walsh and Terra McKinnish, Economics, "Decomposing Neighborhood Change"