13th Annual IGSS Conference • September 30-October 1, 2022

Integrating Genetics and the Social Sciences 2022

Conference Schedule

Friday, September 30, 2022

Time Event
9:00-12:00Statistical Genetics Workshop
Jennifer Fouquier
Applied Microbiome Analyses
1:15-2:15Session 1: Spouses
David Hugh-Jones
Trading social status for genetics in marriage markets: evidence from UK Biobank
Marta Bilghese
The Contribution of Assortative Mating to the Correlation Between Education and Health
Dalton Conley
With this Genotype, I Thee Wed: Indirect Genetic Effects on Depression Between Spouses
2:30-3:30Session 2: Methodological Issues
Junming Guan
A unified method for estimating direct genetic effects and performing genome-wide association studies
Robbee Wedow
Patterns of item nonresponse behavior to survey questionnaires are systematic and have a genetic basis
Sam Trejo
The Phenotype Differences Model: Identifying Genetic Effects with Incomplete Sibling Data
3:45-4:45Session 3: Gene-Environment Interactions
Nicola Barban
Gene-Environment Effects on Female Fertility
Jiacheng Miao
PIGEON: a unified framework to detect polygenic gene-environment interactions
Shubhashrita Basu
The Direct and Spillover Impact of Smoking Cessation Intervention and Genetic Risk on Health Outcomes: Evidence from Mean and Variance Polygenic Scores
5:00-6:00Keynote Address
Jennifer Beam Dowd
We contain multitudes: microbes, genes, and the future of biosocial science

Saturday, October 1, 2022

Time Event
8:00-8:30Coffee and Pastries
8:30-9:30Session 4: Active and Passive Correlations
Jeremy Freese
Selection into Adversity by Polygenic Predictors of Depression
Jonathan Beauchamp
Adverse selection in insurance markets due to genetic prediction
Yuchang Wu
Estimating maternal genetic effects on risk of autism spectrum disorder in children
9:45-10:45Session 5: Aging
Allison Aiello
Familial loss in the early stages of the life course and biological aging of U.S. adults
Iliya Gutin
Feeling Your (Epigenetic) Age: Using Epigenetic Clocks to Understand Self-rated Health
Grace Venechuk
Did the Great Recession have Implications for Epigenetic Aging?
11:00-12:00Session 6: Education and Income
Gloria Huei-Jong Graf
Associations of educational mobility with biological aging and mortality across two generations of the Framingham Heart Study
Luyin Zhang
Revisiting the relationship between educational attainment and the family life course: a sociogenomic approach
Tamkinat Rauf
The Elusive Causal Income Effect on Mental Well-being: Can Sociogenomics Identify it?
1:00-2:00Session 7: Genetics, Guts, and Ancestry
Brandt Levitt
Variations in gut microbiome by social group membership, genetics, and the environment
Jason Boardman
Polygenic Scores, Ancestry, Racialized Experience, and Science
Qiongshi Lu
Quantifying portable genetic effects and improving cross-ancestry genetic prediction with GWAS summary statistics