Papers Presented at the Conference

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Amanda Keller
The Source of Donations to Political and Charitable Groups ~ Abstract
Bradley Verhulst
The Structure of American Political Ideology: Disentangling the importance of psychological predispositions and socially constructions in the organization of political attitudes ~ Abstract
Christopher Chabris
Most Published SNP Associations with General Cognitive Ability Are Probably False Positives ~ Abstract
Christopher T. Dawes
COMT, Extraversion, and Partisan Attachment ~ Abstract
Colter Mitchell
The Role of Motherís Genes and Environment in Postpartum Depression ~ Abstract
Dalton Conley
Genetic Interactions with Prenatal Social Environment: Effects on Academic and Behavioral Outcomes ~ Abstract
George Wehby
Genetic Instrumental Variable Analyses of the Effects of Smoking on BMI ~ Abstract
Hans-Peter Kohler
Identifying Causation and the Role of Endowments: The Use of Twin Studies in Economics and Behavior Genetics ~ Abstract
Hobart H. Cleveland
The use of intensive within-person data to demonstrate and specify Gene-Environment co-actions ~ Abstract
Jaime Settle
Linking Genes and Contextual Diversity: An Initial Exploration of Gene x Environment Interactions ~ Abstract
Jan-Emmanuel De Neve
Genes, Economics, and Happiness ~ Abstract
Jason Boardman
Stressful life events and depression ~ Abstract
Jason Fletcher
Genetic Lotteries within Families ~ Abstract
Jere Behrman
Identifying Causation and the Role of Endowments: The Use of Twin Studies in Economics and Behavior Genetics ~ Abstract
Jeremy Freese
Genetic Heritability and the Fundamental Cause Perspective on Disease ~ Abstract
Jessica Faul
Creating a National Resource for Genetic Research in Behavioral and Health Sciences ~ Abstract
Jonathan Beauchamp
A Genome Wide Association Study of Educational Attainment ~ Abstract
Kathleen Harris
The Dopamine Transporter Gene, a Spectrum of Most Common Risky Behaviors, and the Legal Status of the Behaviors ~ Abstract
Matthew Bradshaw
Gene-Environment Interplay and Life Course Health ~ Abstract
Pete Hatemi
Genome-Wide Association Liberalism and Conservativism ~ Abstract
Sarinnapha Vasunilashorn
Genetic markers and age in the Tsimane of Bolivia ~ Abstract
Stephanie von Hinke Kessler Scholder
Genetic Markers as Instrumental Variables: An Application to Child Fat Mass and Academic Achievement ~ Abstract
Susan Short
Age at Initiation of Smoking and Nicotine Dependence ~ Abstract
Trenton G. Smith
Biological Evolution of Risk Attitudes: A Unifying Framework ~ Abstract
Whitney R. Robinson
Deconstructing Nature: on the fallacy of the Nature=genes paradigm in health research ~ Abstract