Conference Venue
IBS # 11 Conference Hall
1877 Broadway Street
Boulder, CO 80302
(note - the conference hall is in the 7th floor of the building)
Walking from Hotel Boulderado to the Conference Venue
2115 Thirteenth Street, Boulder to 1877 Broadway Street, Boulder.
Walking Distance - 4 minutes
Head south on 13th St toward Spruce St About 3 mins go 0.2 miles
Turn right at Walnut St About 1 min go 322 ft
Turn left go 98 ft
Walking from Boulder University Inn to the Conference Venue
1632 Broadway Street, Boulder to 1877 Broadway Street, Boulder
Walking Distance - 5 minutes
Head north on N Broadway Street toward Arapahoe Avenue.
Cross Arapahoe Avenue and continue walking towards Canyon Blvd.
Cross Canyon Blvd
Between Canyon Blvd and Walnut Street, destination will be on your left. .02 miles
Walking from the Conference Venue to Sherpas Restaurant (for Happy Hour)
1877 Broadway St, Boulder, CO 80302 to 825 Walnut Street, Boulder, CO 80302
Head north on N Broadway St toward Walnut St. 79 ft
Turn left at Walnut St, Destination will be on the right . 0.3 mi